P25 Inter-Networking Using ISSI

On occasion, P25 network operators need to connect their radio systems to the P25 systems operated by other agencies and organizations. System designers have addressed this challenge with a range of different... Read more »

PLM Perspective – Why Virtualize? 7 Good Reasons to Consider Virtualizing Your Enterprise Software

As we bring the “Virtualizing Agile PLM” series to a close I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss the why’s around virtualizing as opposed to the “hows” that Rodney covered quite... Read more »

Hexagon Shaped Kite Wind Turbines for Military Defense System Considered

Is it possible to collect energy while building a missile defense radar system, one which easily detect stealth technologies, and one which is self powered? I believe it is and thus, I... Read more »

Movie Review – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011) (PG-13)

A Boy and His Mystery Key Stephen Daldry’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close represents the best type of sentimentalism there is, in which the aim is not to make you cry but... Read more »

Facts and Fiction in an Author’s Writings: The Conscious/Unconscious Blurring of the Two

What is fact and what is fiction in novels and stories In literature, the line between fact and fiction is sometimes blurred. In Fiction it often happens that the writer claims to... Read more »

Surf and Tech Summer Camps – Generation Y Hits the Waves

Generation Y lives in a media-saturated and pop-inundated world. Consequently the average Gen Y spends several hours each day in front of the TV, whereas in the past this time would have... Read more »

From High School Summer Camp to HBO – A Passion for Self Expression Through Films

What inspires a person to follow the revving engine of their internal drive for success? Sixteen year old Christina Frenzel is allowing her passion for self-expression to drive her down a visionary... Read more »

The Mathematical Colours of Human Survival Technology

The Romantic Era of the Arts from the mid 18th Century to the mid 19th Century was inspired by the ideals of a lost ethical ancient science. Its leaders were concerned that... Read more »

Federal Grants Finance What You Do Best

If you spend all day slaving at a discouraging, low paying job, and if you spend all night worrying about how you will pay your bills, you need to spend some time... Read more »

TIFU by buying a life size sex doll

Obligatory, I bought it 3 days ago… but I just got it today. So… I have considered getting a doll before because ya know… it’s tits and ass on demand. I justified... Read more »