Leg Three of our Westward Journey in the Piper Arrow III KCHA to KDCU MSFS 2020 VR Flights

Mid-morning flight from Chatanooga to Pryor Field Regional Airport in the Piper Arrow III Turbo. Completely overcast. A little bit of … source Read more »

Airline Pilot Shoots Gun In-Flight

Pilots carrying guns on planes. Passengers being told seat belts on a plane are unnecessary according to the Youtuber research … source Read more »

Amazon says it will begin delivering packages by drone in California

Amazon said Monday that it will begin to deliver products using Prime Air drones in Lockeford, California, later this year. It’s the … source Read more »

Airbus A340 Turns Back After Taking a Lightning Strike! | Weekly Briefing #38

SEE VIDEOS FIRST ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/airtrafficvisualised Week ending June 12, 2022. Strong backlash … source Read more »

Transgender community calling out WestJet, Air Canada for ‘performative allyship’ during Pride Month

Both WestJet and Air Canada tout allyship but transgender people say it’s ‘performative’ because there’s no ‘X’ marker when … source Read more »


Cordero Video & Photo has produced effective and affordable marketing videos and photography for architects, developers, … source Read more »

Power Tower Cedar Point Television Commercial TVC Advert (1998)

Power Tower is a thrill ride located at two Cedar Fair parks in the US, Cedar Point and Valleyfair. The attractions are powered by … source Read more »

060922 – Cordero Video & Photo plus South Coast & Associates, Inc. SIZZLEEN

This is what happens when you get great minds together!! Shout out to David Silveira and Aaron Araujo and the crew at South … source Read more »

Ralph: A Story of Barred Owl Survival by Stephen Ramsden

This Bird Chat guest speaker is coming to us online from Atlanta, Georgia, and will be telling us all he has learned in saving a … source Read more »

No More Airbus A350s: The LATAM Fleet In 2022

South American carrier LATAM has a passenger fleet of nearly 300 aircraft. Including its dedicated freighters, the airline group … source Read more »